Betting the ranch on music

I’m giving it everything I’ve got this time as I feel it’s my last chance to make my dreams come true before I have to go work for the man again. Since my very first job working at a music store, I wanted to run my own business but wasn’t sure how to make that happen. After having spent the last twenty years of my life working in or somehow involved in the music industry, I finally feel like all of that experience and knowledge is coming together to make it happen.

It may not look like much right now but I’m building the site live as fast as I can. Warren Music is currently just me so you probably won’t see hundreds of products added. Everything I own is going up for sale including my first real instrument, a Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone. I will also be adding a select group of products for sale that I have owned or used as well as a few that i would buy if I could afford to. Check back soon for updates.

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